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「Global Talent Development Trends(グローバル人材開発トレンド) Study Group」 

 ◆This study group is done in English, online using Zoom

​ Goal:

 Use ATD knowhow to stay on top of global trends in talent development

 Target audience:

 This study group is best for participants who want to be up to date on the latest trends in talent development
​ and discuss them in English

 Session details:

 - One session each month on average

 - 90 minute online sessions using Zoom

 - Before each meeting read TD magazine

 - Quickly discuss key words and short articles

 - Explore one key article in depth

 - Talk about how to apply the discussion content to your job

 - Each session is independent, doesn’t build towards a grande finale


 - Native English global skills trainer with or pursuing CPLP


 - 15,000 yen participation fee per year

  (includes license to use IT platform storing all recordings and assignments)

 - Should be ATD member with access to TD magazine

 - English ability to understand TD articles and participate in a virtual meeting

 - Environment to participate Zoom meetings with camera on once a month

 - Time to read TD magazine before meetings and prepare for discussion


 - Once each month on weekday evenings for nine months (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11月)

 - Uses Zoom for online discussion and Promote as LMS

 - Limited to ten participants per session

  (cancelled if less than five participants, if more than ten will be split into multiple groups)



 Please send your name, company, email and telephone number to Jason Durkee

  Mail Address: 

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